Monday, January 16, 2012

Sharing is caring - Cold weather Metabolism boosters

I know it can be difficult  to get your metabolism going when it's cold and cranky outside. I found this article and thought you would all appreciate it. There are some easy healthful things you can do to improve your ability to burn calories. Including: 
1. Eat a hot breakfast - Oatmeal is full of fiber and will keep you feeling satisfied until lunch. I like to grate 1/2 an apple into mine with a scoop of almond butter & a sprinkle of cinnamon. 
2. Get your Zzzzz's - listen to your body. Use your weekend to catch up on sleep, but try to get at least 7 hours a night. Not getting enough sleep will effect your ability to burn sugar. 
3. Something about dropping a gym work out for an out door activity - I will not give this one any insight since I hate all winter sports unless they involve discount shopping. The point is more to switch up your workouts so they don't get boring. 
4. Increase your water intake. Since it's more dry in the winter our bodies require more water to keep moist literally! Your skin will be less likely to crack and chap if you add an extra glass a day. 
5. Lay off the booze - a direct link from drinking more water. This is kinda of a no brainer since alcohol dehydrates you. If you didn't know that before, well now you do! If you love to drink have one glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage to prevent dehydrating - I'm a former lush so I know how to trick the system. 
6. Make your own kale chips - something I tried Saturday night after feeling like crapola all day from a cold. Kale is a wonder food filled with enough fiber to keep you pooping regularly (yes I said poop!), tons of vitamin C which is supposedly a necessary nutrient to keep your metabolism going strong. As well it contains calcium and a bunch of other stuff that's god for you. Kale chips are ridiculously simple. Tear washed (and dried) leaves into bite size pieces, toss with olive oil s & p then bake on tray at 350 for about 10 mins. That's it!
7. Eat rye (not drink rye).  Aside from the fiber content there is no real science behind this one but a bunch of Swedish people swear when they eat dark rye bread they feel less hungry then eating light wheat bread. I just like the taste and texture of rye bread. 
8. Take fish oil supplement. Eating fish is just a healthy protein to eat. For those of you who don't like fish take an Alaskan fish oil pill. These are packed with omega 3's known for their mood boosting power. Maybe if you are in a better mood you'll be more likely to follow the rest of these tips. Who knows. I actually started taking this supplement as it's also supposed to be good for skin problems and I suffer from psoriasis. 
9. Do a spin class. This one can be called do any work out where you sweat your ass off, but do it! You don't have to spin. Some people say that it hurts their man/lady parts. You can buy a pair of padded shorts if you like, but the point of this really is to just do an intense work out. When you work out you don't just burn calories while you are working out. You continue to burn well after you are fast asleep that night. #Bonus. 
10. Eat starchy stuff like beans, grains and potatoes. That goes out to all the carbaphobes. Your body needs these things to feel full, which is probably because these things are filled with fiber and help to rev your body into fat burning mode. 
Hope you enjoyed my cheat notes now I'm off to the gym - go me!


  1. I love this! We've been trying to take advantage of the outdoors this winter (especially because it was warmer than usual) and started running with our dog. Its great because he gets exercise and so do we!

  2. You Go gurl! I pretty much a hibernate in the winter. I hate the cold! If I had a dog I would definitely change my hermit ways - makes me miss my dog Tiki who I had to say goodbye to in August. She's was my only inspiration for braving the winter on foot.

  3. yes its true there are many things you can do to improve your ability to burn calories. one of them is to drink lot of water because it hydrated for your workouts and keep your metabolism high.There are many diet pills are avilable in the market for help you to burn calories without exercising.This diet pills can cause an allergic or other adverse reaction, so consult your doctor before taking them.


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