Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grilled cheese or grilled sleaze

There's nothing like trendy food that lures you in with the promise of gooey cheesy deliciousness then rapes your wallet and leaves you feeling gassy and bloated. I haven't tried the new Toronto lukewarm warm spot Cheesewerks and I'm actually not sure that I will. I read a review by BlogTo yesterday and there were a lot of hater comments about this place - I can't blame them! Most of these grilled cheese sandwiches are hovering at the $10 mark. I'm sure their bread is fluffy the cheesy is salty and satisfying but there are a whole lot of better ways to spend ten dollars on then  bread and cheese. This shop also charges .75 cents for a side of specialty ketchup - sacrilege! They probably just dress up some Heinz with siracha and black pepper and call it a day. Their house made sodas at $3 a pop (no pun intended) which seems steep seeing that sodas are made from sugar and water. What really surprises me is that this place doesn't even have the courtesy of posting the prices on their website - I guess they don't want to scare anyone off. I'm really curious to know how much a dill pickle cost. What do you guys think? Am I being a judgmental hater or should I swallow my pride have a business meeting there and write off my overpriced cheese sandwich?
* side note - rumor has it Montfort Diary has a stall in the Live Local Marketplace at Scadding Court Community Centre just up the street. They have their own artisan grilled cheese sandwiches that are half the price and the ketchup is free!


  1. Elliot BFF OR DIEJanuary 11, 2012

    Yes, total judgmental hater - if you can do better, open your own grilled cheese hideaway! And no, I am NOT talking about your cheese-irific tomato soup & grilled cheese sammies... Or how about you take a trip to a culinary capital like NYC and enjoy a grilled cheese food tour? Maybe you have a friend you can stay with? Porter just had a sale, you know...

  2. Love the humor of your blog!

  3. Totally agree that its a little insane price wise (but I think I would still give it a try since grilled cheeses might be my favorite food!). Perhaps it would do better in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I remember paying $15 to $20 for a fancy hotdog there once!


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