Monday, January 2, 2012

In 2012 I resolve ...

Good Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years. I know my trip out to Plantagenet was great. It was pretty cool being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, snow and some close friends. I'm excited to begin this year with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook that there will be great things to come. 
Does anyone still make new years resolutions? My husband and I have decided that we would focus on getting back in shape - eak getting married has been good for our hearts but not for our figures. Obviously being an excellent chef and obsessed with cooking doesn't help, but getting back into a hard core gym routing surely will. We will also continue to work hard at our new business to make them successful.  Big congratulations to my husband on his T.V. show "The Rugby League Show" being renewed for three years.  I have resolved to be more patient with the people I love. Another thing I'm thinking about doing is going  gluten free for a while. I'll keep you in the loop and let you know my plan of action and my reasons for going that rout. I guess one thing at a time, baby steps right. Step one work out - here we go...


  1. Happy New Year! I never make resolutions probably because I never want to commit to anything lol. Let me know how gluten free goes.... I have made a few things gluten free as my hubby has gluten issues but I haven't fully invested in it yet would love to see what you make. Thanks again for the tip on finding cooking classes while traveling..... I am fully signed up for one. :)

  2. Will def. keep you posted on gluten free. Yay on the cooking class, very exciting - when are you going? Spain right?

  3. Happy New Year.Great resolutions you've made. Looking forward to you 2012 posts.


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