Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love a jerk!

Chicken that is. Jerk chicken is one of my favorite Jamaican delights and was up for dinner tonight. I was having a guest for dinner, and no clue what type of food she liked/ disliked. I thought fajitas would be a safe bet, but I wanted to give them a bit of a twist. A few weeks back I made the most delicious jerk chicken, and I thought this would be the perfect way to spice up boring fajitas. This meal was a great idea - easy fun and yummy. People always love making their own creations, so do yourself a favor and give them lots of options.
Jerk chicken fajitas INGREDIENTS:
Jerk chicken spice - I bought mine premixed from the bulkbarn
3 chicken breasts - cut into long strips & rubbed with jerk spice - marinate minimum of 1 hour or overnight
splash of citrus - onto the chicken marinade
grated cheese - whatever you like
sour cream
green onion - chopped fine or sauteed onions
peppers - grill/roast/char em right on the gas stove. Cool then remove skin, cut in strips 
cherry tomatoes - chopped marinated with olive oil s&p - or salsa avocado - or guacamole the list goes on... basically whatever you want jerk chicken taste good with everything. Try this meal in a pinch, its fast and fun - let us know what toppings you come up with.
Cook: grill chicken on bbq, grill pan or even 
on the George Forman ;) once cooked cut the chicken into bit size pieces. Sever everything separately in little bowls and go wild.

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