Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen - ladies night out - table for 3

Alright, so this post is a long time coming. Sorry Jill's and Hal. I know I was going to boycott winterlicious this year, but seeing as nobody responded to the post and recommended anything or reviewed anything I felt it was my duty to do some eating. We went to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. I had heard excellent things about this place, and I was not disappointed. As soon as I walked into the the very chic resto I knew it would be a fun evening. My dear friend Hayle treated us to pear mimosas. I think It was a combination of pre drinks and the sexy chica chica music that was playing when we got there, or perhaps it was the super cute bartender with suspenders - immediately put us in the mood. The interior of the place was really cool, high ceilings, industrial with modern flair. The open kitchen and overall airyness makes this place special, not to mention the service was stellar. We started off with an amuse bouche  cheddar and thyme biscuits (more like croissants) with sweet butter - to die for. We asked for a second round, and with out hesitation the waitress rushed over another basket. I had the Handmade ricotta gnudi with garlic spinach & Berkshire smoked pork - the flavors were fantastic, the pork was a bit too much fat, not enough meat. For the main we all had the Short rib pot roast with fondant vegetables & mushroom chips - tasty comfort food, meat wasn't cooked perfectly, but delicious none the less. Although I hear their chicken Biryani is amazing.  For dessert I had  Bildred’s classic profiteroles with lindt chocolate ice cream, caramel & chocolate sauce. Not a classic profiterole, but I love lindt chocolate so I was still a happy camper. No I wasn't 100% happy with the food, but the service was great, and there was lots of promise, Yes I would 100% go back!

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