Sunday, February 21, 2010

Restaurant Review Capocaccia - Mid town Italian eateries

If your looking for decent Italian restaurant around the Young and St. Clair area this place is happening. There are three Italian restaurants in the neighborhood one of which being Terroni, the other Ilfornello. If your looking to have a delicious regional Italian meal served up with pretentious snobbery and absolutely no changes to your order, no diet soda or butter for your bread then go no further then Terroni. If you are the type to ask for a tomato sauce on your gnocchi instead of a gorgonzola cream sauce then this place is probably the last place you should ever go for a night out. You'll find yourself frustrated, angry and alone. Although the food is great  the opinionated servers and stick it- to-ya attitude is downright ridiculous. This is still the hospitality industry, and this is Toronto, not your Nonas kitchen at a big family meal. Get over your selves.  Restaurant #2 Ilfornello is the McDonalds of Italian food in my opinion, I've avoided the place since I was just a young Tomato Snob working a the Gap at Bayview village, every meal I ever had there was unsatisfying, although the service was always top notch. For a Saturday night party of six Capocaccia was hustle bustle! A little to loud and hectic for my liking maybe Saturday night at 8:00 wasn't the best time for this place, however I would go back. The waiters were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but the customers all looked happy. The service was slow, but attentive. I tried my friends margarita pizza which was chewy and crunchy everything you want in a basic pizza. My Capellini Simona was yummy - it came with sundried tomatoes and black olives in a tomao sauce. The gnocchi was also quite nice and was hand made with fresh ricotta and basil. All in all we were happy campers, the wine list was pretty good, however nobody ordered wine, except for a friend who wanted white, so I opted for two glasses of the Pinotage which ruined any chances of a cheap and cheerful bill at 13.00 + a glass. My only complaint was the dragon breath I had in my mouth for the rest of the evening, maybe not the best choice for going to a house party afterwards.  

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