Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seasonal Eating... keeping up with what's in harvest

I found this great blog about seasonal Ontario food, something a few 
so called Tomato Snobs know little about. I have a good group of friends - foodies that love going out to sexy restaurants and yapping about the food and wine and bla bla bla, but they don't yet understand the real fundamentals of farming, growing and harvesting food. These are the foodies that respect food, and dining and enjoying a meal, but are just learning their way around the kitchen. And while I do applaud them for learning and exploring, but one of the first things to know about cooking and truly understanding what makes your food delicious is when to eat what! This is the beginning of a much more important issue - the issue of sustainability, something even more foreign to people, but we'll get into this later. Baby steps. 
In Canada we are lucky enough to have 4 seasons, winter spring summer and fall, and let me tell you there is something exciting about each and every one of them. The Food Network Canada which is one of my favorites sites for watching full episodes and looking up ingredients organize their recipes by season. What a great tool! Learning more about seasonal eating and cooking will make your food taste and look better, not to mention you'll be more "green" and your skin will probably look better as well. Remember on it's most basic level food is fuel. We eat it and our body uses different parts of it to gain the maximum benefits all of the nutrients. Water and great quality fruit and vegetables in season will be at their perfect point of consumption - their most nutritious and delicious. 
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  1. Produce availability during the winter months tests our creativity :)
    Thanks for the list.


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