Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The fight for good food BEST MOVIE Food Inc.

If you still haven't gone out and rented this movie or watched it online I urge you all to do so. Now nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary this movie examines the farming industry and exposes many of the awful truths about where our food comes from. Why it is that fast food has not only become part of our cultural makeup, but why many North American families choose to buy processed instead of fresh. This movie is shocking, and will really open your eyes to the problems of consumption and the ethical treatment of the animals we eat. One of the contributors from the film is an amazing best selling author Dr. Michael Pollan. He has written a bunch of books on this issue, and breaks it all down in a simple way.  He believes that we all have a choice, three times a day we can vote. Vote for healthy whole food, or mass produced, manufactured crap. In his new book Food Rules he had outlined some healthy guidelines for feeding. An example of these rules include: 1. Eat the colours in the rainbow, but not colours that can change the colour of your milk. 2. Shop the pereffery of your supermarket 3. Don't buy your food where you buy your gas. 4. You want to eat foods that will eventually rot. 5. It's not food if it arrives through the window of your car. 6. You can eat  all the junk food you like, if you make it yourself. Pollan's other books include In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, The Omnivore's Dilemma: the Secrets Behind What You EatSecond NatureThe Botany of Desire, and A Place of My Own. To all the tomato Snobs out there the first key to cooking and eating is learning. A true tomato snob not only cares about the taste of food we care about the well being of the animals and foods that are being put on our plate. In the words of Michael Pollan eat food that has eaten well. Touche ;)

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