Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'cause I eats me Spinach!

You've heard your mother say it before "eat your spinach" and sometimes it is true... mother knows best! Spinach is one of those miracle foods. High in everything good for you. Calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F... you name it. Spinach not only fiber rich it also has folic acid, magnesium and even posses cancer controlling nutrients. It can also protect against heart disease. Fresh or frozen everyone can benefit from eating spinach. Believe it or not slightly cooked spinach has the most nutrients and best of all it takes seconds to cook this wonder veg. One of my favorite ways to get spinach into my diet is to simply add it to any tomato sauce, chili or soup since it so easily melts in. Even back in my university days where everything I cooked came out of a microwave, spinach was a part my routine. A great lunch idea if you do have a microwave at work/ school is bring a micro-proof tupperware filled with your favorite soup then toss in  few nuggets of frozen spinach. Everything will heat together and become instantly healthier. 

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