Monday, September 26, 2011

Chopped salad with Dill vinaigrette and an 11 hour road trip

If any of you have ever been on a long car ride  you how annoying it can be to get a decent meal. Options are limited if you're trying to save time and keep close to the highway. I usually like to pack carrot sticks, fruits and rice cakes or baked chips to snack on since I know when we finally stop the options will be mostly fried and packed  with saturated fats.  I figure If I can at least have a healthy snack before the saturated fatty meal. My rationale is that I'll eat less of it, and won't be as guilty for consuming gross junk food.  On our last road trip to Philly I had some time before we left so I decided to whip up a chopped salad. I brought a few plastic cups and spoons thinking it would be easy access in the car. This salad was delicious and a much needed dose of veggies before arriving in the US, where cheese steaks would be on the menu along with a trip to the Sugar Philly truck and lord knows what else. 
Chick peas
sugar snap peas
yellow pepper
corn (cooked and cut off the cob)
carrots (purple & orange)
hearts of palm 
artichoke hearts 
PREP: Use whatever veg you like - this combination was quite tasty and I pretty much just used up whatever I had left in my fridge. Chop everything add vinaigrette and presto done! The salad is even better the next day 

1 tbs dijon mustard
chopped dill - handful 
1 garlic clove - minced 
1/2 tbs honey 
2 tbs red wine or white wine vinegar 
3-4 tbs olive oil 
s&p to taste 


  1. Looks like a perfect salad for a road trip!

  2. I try and make snacks for road trips as well especially since my son is always hungry right after we leave lol. This salad looks tasty.

  3. Oh yum, this salad looks terrific! I love the idea of packing food for a road trip, because there are only so many french fries I can take!

  4. Oh I just love this recipe, looks delicious! :)

  5. Now this is good road trip food!

  6. I completely agree - I always have such a hard time finding good food on the road. I usually stick with salads and leave the dressing on the side. Your packed salad looks delicious!

  7. I just love chopped salads. They are so easy to eat so this is a great idea for a road trip. And I just love the combined crunch to all of your ingredients! (Hope you had fun in Philly...I used to live there for a few years!)


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