Friday, September 16, 2011

Soft boil egg over crispy polenta and roasted red pepper sauce

So sorry snobletts. I tried my hardest to post last night. Yesterday was a super busy day for me. I'm the Creative Director at Canada Rugby League and we've ben buzzing to getting everything done for the last two games of the season. I wanted to post this photo last night, but my photoshop kept crashing. I think my computer was tired - maybe it should have been a cue to just go to bed. Any way this a.m. we are back in business. I do not have a recipe for this yummy dish I whipped up a while back but I figured sharing was definitely in order. 
I don't remember anything being so difficult, but as far as i'm concern yummy food shouldn't be difficult to make as long as there is a little love added. The steps in this go something like this...
1- soft poached egg s&p
2 - crispy polenta (pre-made from grocery store - cut into thin rounds and fry in a little evoo on a non stick pan for a few mins on each side, then transfer to the oven on broil for another 5 on each side)
3- blanched green peas  (20-30 second blanch)
4- roasted red pepper sauce (roast peppers in the oven until chard with black. Then place in a bowl covered until cooled. Remove skin, place in blender and puree. Add puree to sauce pan and heat add touch of tomato sauce, or stock and touch of cream s&p)

I'll post again this eve to make up for yesterday. 

Any requests?


  1. What a playful presentation - it's almost like a polka dot pattern. This looks great and I would be delighted to be served this meal at a bistro or dinner party.

  2. mmm this looks like its calling my name:)) I love this idea, very beautiful, and tasty! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love soft boiled eggs it looks perfect over polenta.

  4. What an awesome and original dish. It looks very appetizing!

  5. What a great dish! I love boiled/poached eggs over just about anything! ...and polenta? Absolutely perfect!


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