Thursday, September 22, 2011

The perfect corned beef sandwich - Mo Pancers

Mo Pancer's Deli better known simply as Pancer's is definitely one of the best places to get corned beef and smoked meet in Toronto. It's a Jewish deli on Bathurst st. that will not disappoint. They serve all the Jewish classics including kishkaknish  and obviously matzo ball soup. Most of the waitresses have worked there since they first opened in 1957 - I tease. If you're dining in make sure to get the french fries - they are top notch and the sour dills are legendary. I like to enjoy my sandwich with a black cherry soda classic deli beverage. For dinner in a pinch I like to pick up some lean corned beef a cole slaw and a fresh rye bread. Their cole slaw is just the way I like it garlicky and sour. Hot and regular mustard are a sandwich must in my books. As you see from my photo, I go half and half on the beef, vs slaw proportion instead of the piled high variety. Too much meat just leads to a beef coma, and inability to breathe or move, and can lead too uncontrollable sweating, referred to as "the meat sweats". 
Chow for now. 

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