Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peanut butter and date poppers

What a day... I know people say Mondays suck but this week Tuesday is just the pits. I've been running around all day and I feel like I'm on empty from no sleep last night and a lack of proper meals today while being on the go. In the middle of my day I got stuck for an hour and 45 mins on the phone with ROGERS trying to speak to someone about my internet and cable not working. I started to make a crumble mid day to get my multitask on since I was stuck on hold any way. Then a giant wrench was thrown into my plan as soon as my crumble was ready for the oven. My go-to baking dish was missing.  I realized it was probably still in my husbands car from when we took a cobbler up to the cottage in August. $%#$#@*^ or FML as they say. I had to leave the filling (roasted apples and fennel) until I could get my hands on the proper baking dish this eve. I got home from after work errands and party planning with Jill (who I could tell wanted to kill me the entire time) and I'm totally starving. I forgot to pack some snacks to get me through the day and I'm cranky and ravenous. If only I had a few of these amazing Peanut butter date poppers In my purse I would have been in way better spirits. These treats are amazing! They take about five minutes to make and will last a few weeks in the fridge. 
Just note they definitely taste better at room temp. 
1/4 cup oats - ground
12 dates - pitted
2 tbs pumpkin seeds (optional)
4 tbs chunky peanut butter
small handful of raisins
PREP: In a mini chop or using an immersion blender toss in oats and pulse a few times. Add dates and seeds then continue to pulse until finely chopped. Add peanut butter and pulse until smooth - add raisins at the end so they remain mostly intact to give the poppers more texture. 
FORM: divide and roll mixture into 12 bite size balls and they are ready to eat! 

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