Friday, January 29, 2010

Carrot Top - No parsley No problem

Are carrot tops edible? YES yes yes they are, and they actually add even more carroty goodness to any dish. Tonight I made a chickpea stew for dinner served on brown rice. I realized I had no parsley left, and I wasn't at all excited about having to use basil instead, even though I picked up the most beautiful basil in Kensington. I had also just bought a bunch of locally grown carrots complete with leafy green tops, and I started to wonder why cut the tops off and throw them out. I eat all my other root veggie top - beets are some of my favorites, so why not carrots too. It didn't seem very sustainable to keep throwing them away, so I check out what other foodies do with their beautiful carrot tops. One website said that some people are allergic to the tops, and they are mildly toxic, but the more I searched the more I found that that was a bunch of bull. Some people use the tops in soups or salads  some even used the tops as a replacement for parsley... BINGO Chickpea stew with brown rice and carrot tops - served!

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  1. UPDATE- the tops are delish... non toxic - phew


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