Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Verse better then the first - Organics Delivered part deux

Thursday January the seventh, marked the arrival of my second box from Organics Delivered. Now that I knew what I was expecting (an array of organic produce from the four corners of the earth) I was no longer disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised. The veggies were definitely fruitful, and the box did multiply. In other words I got my money's worth.
The contents of the box was a bit more diverse. My Italian kiwis were delicious, even thought they had traveled much more then 100 miles to get here. There were still oranges and grapefruits, apples and pears, but this time I got bananas, as well as the kiwis. The veg was also better, no stinky cabbage, red swiss chard - which I love, cucumber, romaine, collard greens, and ontario grown beets, carrots and the damn yams!!! Horay I finally got my yams. All in all, Organics Delivered gets at least one thumb up. I would give it three green tomatoes, out of five. For lazy or busy people who want the luxury of organic goods delivered  its not that bad after all, but if your really trying to make the conscious move and become a locovore all I have to say is wah wah wahhhhh.... the search continues.

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