Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing it all in - throwing a party when you'd rather be throwing yourself off a cliff

Holy flew shot batman. I guess mom was right this time, should have gotten that damn flue shot. I was feeling like a flaming bag of poo when new years eve rolled around this year. I decided to have a party months before the big day, and was cranky as anything when it came time to get ready for the party. Usually if I was having people over for a 1940's themes old hollywood party I would prepare everything from scratch, however this year I really just didn't have the strength. So I bought. Yes i'm totally ashamed, but I just had to, and nobody seemed disappointed when the hot apps where coming all night long. 

I had little bowls of roasted smoked almonds and whoppers (yes they are still a delicious treat - and way better then their evil cousin maltballs). Two viggie platters with humus and 
artichoke parmesan dip - such a crowd pleaser. Warm crustinini with herbed goats cheese, 
and some of my favorite - Haley's famous sweet pea spread otherwise known as organic 
cold mushy peas.
TIP: Herbed Goat cheese
Buy plain roll of goats cheese let it sit at room temp and then take out of the packaging. Place a large piece of plastic on a clean surface and sprinkle dried herbs on the plastic - I like to use herb de provence, although dried rosemary always works in a pinch. Roll 
goats cheese in herb mixture until there is a light coating all around the cheese. You canalso throw some fresh ground pepper in the herb mixture, or put some right on top - 
serve with hot crusty bread brushed in olive oil.

Back to the apps. I also had phylo wrapped mushroom bites, and veggie springrolls with 
sweet and sour sauce 
TIP: Sweet and sour sauce
Take 2 parts hoisen sauce add 1 part rice wine vinegar a dollop of sriracha chili sauce 
and a pinch of salt - whisk together - serve at room temp.

Then around 11:00 I served  perogies with sour cream and chives. 

1:00 was time for the spinach pizzas and chicken fingers - also served with the sweet and sour sauce. I also had a few desserts a plate of chocolate chip cookies with fresh strawberries arranged around them, as well as  chocolate macaroons with fresh raspberries. Sorry no photo's too busy hosting. 

The cocktails:
All the drinks were all in the theme of things and we suggested the order in which the guests drank them. We totally lucked out because nobody got sick, we all just had a jolly good time. 
Side Car - 1 part Brandy, splash of Grand Marnier and 2 parts orange juice garnished 
with a lemon. Cognac can be used instead of the Brandy as well Contraux or Tripple Sec 
instead of the Grand Marnier.
Thom Collins - 1 part Gin 2 parts club soda, splash of grenadine (or simple syrup
splash of lemon juice garnished with a maraschino cherry and a lemon.
French 75 - 1 part Gin 2 parts champaign splash of lemon juice garnished with an 
orange peel.

Happy New year everyone 2010 what a sweet number.

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