Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dufferin Grove Market Thursdays

Oh helllls yes! This place is amazing. One of the oldest farmers markets in the city, it's  opened all year long - every Thursday from three until seven.  Um hellooo for those of you who live close by or have nothing to do on a random Thursday this place is a city gem.  An amazing sub culture of hip granola in a good way Tomato Snobs oohing and ahhhing about our local organic delights.  Bring your own grocery bags, and tupperware (yes i'm serious) cause you're going to wish you had, and have CASH! Some of the vendors do accept VISA, but do yourself a favor. Another plus you can also park for FREE across the street at the Dufferin Mall. 
BUDGET: 50.00
basket of purple carrots 
basket of Chioggia (the candy-striped) beets
basket of yams
basket of sun chokes - jerusalem artichoke
1 celery root
2 zucchinis 
bunch red chard
bunch collards 
1 Delicata Squash (sweet potato squash)  - TOTAL: $23.00
small bag of wild rice  - $5.00
small bag of ground coffee made with crushed cacao beans - $10.00
4 ounces or so of parmesan - $5.00
TOTAL: $43.00 
Not too bad. Some people would say its expensive, but for me its worth it. The quality is amazing,  the taste, the texture... everything. When you stop eating pesticides, and mass produced food you feel the difference in your body.  Premium fuel in your system its a good thing. It's a great feeling to support the local farmers, this is how we need to learn to eat! I've just sort of skimmed the surface on this issue, but I will discuss it a lot on this blog. I really strongly believe that our consumption habits need to change, in a drastic way. People all over the world have developed a lazy attitude towards food. There has been too much emphasis on fast food, cheap food and more food for your money.  There are lethal quantities of "fillers" preservatives  and chemical alterations to perfectly natural things. These practices are going to seriously effect our environment unless we start taking action. This isn't going to turn into a lecture, there's plenty of time for that. I would love to hear what other people have to say about this issue, but for now I want you all to go out and check out the Dufferin Grove market - its bonkers!  Oh ya go with an appetite lots of samples and home made little treats (for cheap) - YUM!

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