Thursday, January 28, 2010

Florida Winter Strawberry contest - 31 days to enter

So I stumbled upon FWSC (Florida Winter Strawberry contest) and I must admit I'm really tempted to enter. Seconds into reading the contest rules, I'm having visions of strawberries fanned out like little pieces of carpaccio, maybe sitting on top of a perfectly toasted piece of baguette and a slab of sweaty drunken goat cheese. For those of you who don't know about cheese this semi - soft Spanish goats cheese it's completely note worthy! A pasteurized cheese thats been soaked in red wine - need I say more. I'm up late  making lists of flavors and textures and possibilities for starters & salsas, salads sweets and best photo ideas. 31 days doesn't give me a lot of time, but perhaps I can enter at least in one of the categories. Any suggestions? 
PHOTO: Found

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  1. joanne rivenFebruary 04, 2010

    no recipes....but i'll go to florida and eat strawberries with you! :) good luck, james see soon


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