Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Ultimate New Years day lunch - Make your own sandwich

This year my friend Haley, yes its the same Haley from the now famous cold mushy peas recipe (she'll probably be a regular on here as she likes to eat and cook and yap as much as I do) invited us over for a fabulous New Years day lunch. A phenomenon known as make your own sandwich. The usual suspects were all there, food lovers and tomato snobs ready for a feast, and feast did we ever. There was a huge spread of different types of breads including croissants, french baguette, and these 
amazing cheesy buns all warmed and aching for condiments. 
There was roasted turkey, Montreal smoked meat, Italian spicy salami, and some kosher salami as well. Different 
types of cheeses, and cornichon, and the king of mustards Dijon - my personal favorite. This was a fat hung-over 
kids dream buffet. We drank tropical mimosas courtesy of myself, and noshed the entire afternoon. My friend Elliot brought this amazing carmel corn with drizzled chocolate and candied nuts. It was a great way to continue a new 
year of festivities. We laughed and played headbands for hours... I'm still in a food coma.

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