Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like Thanksgiving in my mouth - Turkey Tuesday?

Another Bretta Farms post, well sort of. I know some of you aren't crazy about ground bird, but these Turkey Burgers will change your mind.  A whole new meaning to the word bird! They aren't actually raised at Bretta, but from  Wheatland Select in Alberta. This Canadian farm specialize in Turkey which makes it even better. Turkey will reaffirm it's place as chickens more delicious cousin.  The turkey burgers were stunning, I can't even express how truly delicious these things are. They come in a package of 4 frozen, no preservatives or antibiotics. A world of difference from store bought Turkey. I decided they would be best served with a warm red chard  and onion salad. I sprinkled the burgers with rosemary  and some paprika, bit of s&p - they don't come seasoned, and I always like a kick, chili flakes would have been a great addition. 
TIP: cook in cast iron grill pan!
Warm Red chard salad - INGREDIENTS:
bunch red swiss chard
1 red onion
1 garlic clove
splash of stock - or water
apple cider vinegar 
olive oil 
salt and pepper
PREP: Wash and pat dry the chard, chop stems into thin slices, and leave the leaves in big strips. Finely chop garlic - or grate into hot oil with onion. Thinly slice onion into strips. 
COOK: heat 2tbs olive oil add onions and garlic, cook at medium until golden. Grate a bit of nutmeg over the mixture - you should be able to smell  the aroma - don't add too much the flavor can be overwhelming. Begin adding the stems of the chard, constantly moving it so everything cooks, continue to add until just the leaves are left. Add the leaves as well, add a splash of the cider vinegar and stock or water - you don't want any of the chard to stick or burn to the pan. Cook until everything is tender - 5 mins.  or less. 

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