Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 Life Natural Foods

One of my favorite Kensington destinations it's a go-to organics haven for locovores and Tomato Snobs alike. The staff is super friendly and the selections are SA-WEET! They also carry some of my favorite products from DGM (Dufferin Grove Market) including Forbes Wild Foods an amazing local line of forgaged goods.  Last sunny Friday was officially the first nice day in Toronto I celebrated by treating myself to a lovely walk in Kensington with this place in mind. I had seen it on some other Toronto food blog, and when I missed  my weekly trip to the market I knew its would be the perfect day for a review. Shane was the lovely guy who helped me. I had some questions about black radishes and concerns about their soft spots. He taught me that if I put veggies that have gone a bit soft in a bowl with cold water it would firm back up... Interesting... He also said that if it the radish wasn't good I should come back and let him know, and he would give me a fresh one. Mega points!!! I love anywhere with good customer service, it's very important and these days very hard to find. Shane and I blabbed about jerusalem artichokes and how much we love eating them raw, and bla bla bla I could have chatted all day. Moral of the story is GO THERE! It's great, and not over priced. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip :) I'm much less familiar with Kensington Market compared to St. Lawrence, this will give me a good starting place.


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