Friday, March 26, 2010

Di-et Loosing it without loosing your mind

Nobody likes doing it! I hate the word diet! I don't believe in any gimmicks to loose the fat fight, but some times we all need a little help to choose what to eat. has laid it all out for us. What to eat if you like/dislike/can't live without it/would rather die then eat it-guide to dieting. I've decided to make this post the kick off for the annual spring fat off. The fat off if a contest started by my friend Billy a true Tomato Snob who every year bets one of our friends BK (not Burger King although he has the gut of someone who really looks like they love the drive though line) which one of them can loose more wight in three months. Now let me get the record straight. I do not condone any type of contest where you are trying to loose weight fast and furiously just to win the the title, or to gain bragging rights, and rub it in the face of your fatter competitor. Loosing weight is a process, and I think people should look at it as a life change then something to do between Thanksgiving and New years. Having said this I'm in despirate need to shed some pounds and am going to blog my way through what I hope to be a life changing experience. I'm four weeks in and already I feel better, and have more energy. The plan is to continue eating well, meaning whole foods  fresh, seasonal and balanced eating and working out 4-5 times a week. This is not hard, although it does involve a certain level of commitment, and will power. I will also allow myself one cheat day a week, but I will try to make my own junk food instead of resorting to what most people do and hit up a drive through or open a package of. I really want to limit the number of times I eat out at restaurants, or get delivered food, which will also hopefully make me a better cook! So I leave you all today with a challenge, I dare you to join me. Even if you don't have a lot of weight to loose but if you have bad eating habits. Look at your own lifestyle eating habits, drinking habits and decide if it could use a bit of a spring cleaning as well - your colon will thank you later in life I promise! 
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