Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pink cous cous

This dish is visually  stunning and delicious. It's the perfect side dish for anything lightly seasoned, fish or chicken work best. Make it in advance and serve it room temp. I'm always looking for creative ways to cook up super simple ingredients. Pink cous cous INGREDIENTS: 
3 celery stocks - chopped small squares
3 purple carrots - chopped small squares
2 garlic cloves - finely chopped
splash red wine vinegar about 1/4 cup 
splash water
1 cup Israeli cous cous
salt & pepper
olive oil
parsley or carrot tops - handful chopped 
PREP: boil 1 cup Israeli cous cous in boiling water - cook like pasta and drain/ rinse after if needed. Set aside to cool. Place all ingredients - leaving out cous cous parsley and water in bowl to marinate. Heat up pan with splash of olive oil add mixture to hot pan  and cover for 2-3 mins. Add splash of water and sort of sautee everything, until vinegar burns off and veg is slightly tender - you still want everything to have a bite 5-10 mins. Take off heat. Add chopped parsley cous cous and veg mixture in a clean bowl and serve. You can add an extra drizzle of olive oil and splash of lemon. 


  1. The colour is so intriguing - I'm not sure if I would eat it or just keep staring. It's really quite beautiful!


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