Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes you just want a burger and fries!

When we eat red meat at our house I usually make some sort of kefta or kebab Middle eastern style burger. My Bf just loves beef that way, and while I do think they are delicious and satisfying sometime I just want a freaking burger. So tonight we had naked burgers and baked fries INGREDIENTS:
1 pound lean ground organic beef 
Montreal Steak spice 
2 sweet potatoes
2 yukon golds
sea salt, & pepper
whatever toppings you like. 
PREP: cut potatoes in to desired slices. Splash of oil s&p.  Add 1/2 tbs spice mix, and form burgers, let sit for a few hours in the refrigerator or over night. 
COOK: Potatoes -  oven roast 350 for about 35 mins, or more. Salt when cooked. Grill on bbq or in a grill pan 5-10 mins - I like burgers medium. 

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