Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything Sababa ?

Sababa is definitely a best kept secret in Toronto. Technically in Thornhill, although we wont hold that against them it's easily one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants around.  My bf and I always have the debate weather 
or not it holds the #1 or 2 spot.  He always argues that Sababa takes the cake, but I'm torn between Jerusalem, Mashu Mashu, and my all time favorite shewarma place Bagel Nash. I'll get around to reviewing all of these places individually later. Sababa is a legendary institution for many reasons the first being the food, and the second being that they have the best grocery and take out place connected to the restaurant. Great selection of Middle Eastern treats including baklavaTurkish delight and other imported products. They also have a bakery making pita fresh everyday. Definitely worth the trip up north. 
Last night  were having a big dinner party in honor of my dads girlfriends birthday. There were nine of us, and we all love this type of food. To start, Sara (my dads gf) made the most delicious lentil soup, which she gave me the recipe for, and I will be writing about very soon. We gulped the soups back, and waisted no time getting to the main event pita and hummos, baba ganoush  teheena also known as tahini & falafel. There was pleanty of tabbouleh and mixed salad, rice, fried tomatoes and eggplant, kefta, chicken and lamb kebab. I'm not a huge fan of their baba ganoush, but everything else is top notch. I love to drench my rice in the tomatoes - they are to die for. The best way to enjoy Middle Eastern food is to mash everything up into a pita. All the flavors taste great together, you just have to find the right balance and what type of meat suits you best. Their kefta kebab is my personal fave, although I wouldn't discriminate since everything is delicious. All in all as you can see we totally pigged out, but then again what are birthdays for. 

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